Our Process

Our Process


- The growing of the crop. We are very meticulous when it comes to going that extra mile to make sure our vineyards are well taken care of and our final product reflects that.


- When itís time to harvest, we turn into an almost 24hr operation. Our picker doesnít stop. We run two tractors that pull a trailer with three grape bins. Once a grape bin is filled it runs back to the winery to be unloaded while the 2nd tractor moves into position. Itís a continuous cycle, so there is no down time.


- All of our fruit pressing is done in house. Whether they are grapes, cherries, blueberries or peaches, we control the entire process

Fermenting and aging

- With an in house winemaker AND a chemist, we are able to ferment and age our award winning wines to perfection.


- With our new bottling system, what was once a three or four man process, is now easily done with two, if need be, one person.


- We store all our products on site, so until itís in the consumerís hand, we have complete control of it.

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